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MillyBridal Prom Dresses 2020

Hello everyone! How's everyone dealing with their home staycation? The other day I was reading online shopping has been growing with this current pandemic situation and I've been supporting this as well. Since most of us avoid leaving the house to stay safe online shopping has been our savior so far!

So has clothing online shopping been growing as well? As a shopaholic I would say it has been growing with our currently anxiety growing without being able to leave the house. I'm actually pretty happy to bring this online shop to you since I talked about this about 2 years ago on my blog!! And so far it's only been improving their site, shopping experience and catalogue! 

MillyBridal is an online shop that was established in 2003 and it's been growing ever since! It's unbelievable the variety of dresses they offer today, in any color you can imagine!! The best part? Each dress is Made-to-Order, which makes it feel unique and personalized!! 
Prom season is coming, so here's a great option where you can get your perfect dress! I graduated about three years ago and damn you don't know how much I miss college experience from time to time!! The question for most of you that are about to get graduated this 2020 is, what's trending this year? 

Long Prom Dresses are definetely still in this year, but want to know the best part that's trending this 2020? Glitter Prom Dresses!! A few months ago I used for the very first time a Glitter Long Dress and I have to tell you it was the best feeling ever!! Who doesn't want to feel like a princess that day? 
In MillyBridal you can get any type of dress, even if you want something more subtle or if you want to bring your sexy out! Just get whatever you feel like wearing that night, you can play with different styles and colors. There's no one to stop you and the best part? You can do that whenever you are and don't have to be searching from one place to another to find the perfect dress!
If it was me getting a prom this year I would have chosen something more bold!! A long glitter red dress it would've been, just because I feel like we should wear what we don't usually do and what makes us feel our very best!
Have you heard of this online shop before?
Bren B.

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