How to Make the Most Out of a Home Workout


For most people that are used to the gym, it's been really difficult to keep motivation to workout at home, I've been reading tons of insta posts talking about how difficult it's become to stay motivated and how they're not sure a home workout is truly efficient or not.

Then I also read so many people buying tons of equipment to make a gym at home, but to be honest, it's not really necessary and not everyone's able to buy gym equipment. There are so many other no equipment home workouts that truly work and may save you during this lockdown.

That's how I decided to bring to you the 5 tips that will make a difference and will make the most out of your home workouts!!

1. Have a schedule: Plan a week ahead your home workouts, which one will you follow, at what time will you do it (remember it's a whole new routine you're adjusting with the lockdown), which part of the body you'll work, and even your rest days. That'll help you stay motivated, knowing what's next and will help avoid excuses!

2. Warmup: Most people think a home workout is just a piece of cake; however, trust me you will get tired and you will work your muscles just like any other workout! So please remember to always do your warmup, you can do simple stretch exercises or some cardio if you're able to go for a walk.

3. Find your perfect fit: There are so many free options you can look after and you can enjoy trying new ones every single day! My personal recommendations which are the ones I've enjoyed so far are Sweat App, I started PWR at home which uses basic equipment, but if you want something equipment free you can use BBG! My other option is Pamela Reif, she has so many home workouts on her Youtube channel and she's even sharing on her insta account @pamela_rf weekly challenges so you can have a week planned of her Youtube workouts all equipment free and you can choose either 30-45mins!
4. Water: I realized I barely drank water while on lockdown. I have kidney issues so it's easy for me to realize when I'm not drinking enough water. How I manage to avoid this and remember to drink enough water is to keep a bottle of water by my side, even when I go to bed!! It'll be easier for you to remember you have to drink enough water!

5. Good night sleep: This one is so important, I realized that when I didn't have a good night sleep I wasn't motivated enough to workout, once I finished work I would just be a potato coach because I was 'too tired' to workout, and when I did workout to be honest it was not the best one because I got tired so easily that I will pause even more between exercises! 

Hope this easy 5 step will help you go through it and make your home workouts effective!!
Which home workouts are you following during lockdown?
Bren B. xx

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