How to be Productive from Home


It's been two weeks now since we started isolation, crazy right? I know for some of you it's been longer, I just hope you're all doing well and stay safe at home with this non end date situation.

Most of us are trying to keep a regular lifestyle from home, whether you go to school, work or take care of the kids. But to be honest it can get pretty complicated to feel productive at home when we're used to go to school or work from an office.

My hubby asked me a week ago if I had any tips to be productive (since I'm used at working from home) so I asked myself why shouldn't I share it with you all!
Most people when they say Work from Home think up they will stay in their pjs all day long, but let me tell you if you stay on your pjs you'll probably don't be as productive as you could. So get up, take a shower and get dressed! Even if that means getting dressed to stay at home all day long, trust me you'll be more productive just by taking a shower and getting away from bed!

You need to keep yourself moving!! Stick to your routine. If you usually get up and head to the gym, don't stop doing it! There are tons of workouts with no equipment needed home friendly and they can be so much fun! My personal recommendation? Pamela Reif on YouTube have so many workout videos with no equipment needed that are so so fun! There can be quick and easy but that's enough for you to keep moving and activate yourself for the rest of the day.

The best tip I've ever gotten at work is "make sure to do the things that won't let you sleep well!". And it's so true, work will never end, when you're working from home you can get consumed and work longer hours, you know you can stop when you already finished all the things that won't let me sleep well enough.

I've heard so many saying their meal schedule is a mess because of work they never get to find the right time, schedule them as you usually have your meals during a regular day and make sure to follow them! This will totally help to keep you concentrated during the day because you'll find the right time to get distracted, get some food and then get back to work. Also, find healthy snacks, such as nuts & seed to have between meals if you get hungry, and don't forget to keep a bottle of water re-filled along the day!
And that's it! Hope you found these helpful and hope everyone is safe at home!!
P.S. Decided to do a silly photoshoot at home, can you spot my kitty? She's wearing the cone of shame!! 

Have a nice quarantine! 
Bren B.

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  1. These are really wonderful suggestions! I absolutely love doing workouts from home so that has definitely been a part of my routine.
    the creation of beauty is art.