From a No-Fitness-Girl to a Fitness Girl


Hello world!!! It feels like a while has passed by since I last wrote on the blog. Today I was totally missing it, everything. The late nights, hours working to edit a post, even those couple of months editing videos I miss it.

Anyway, so this time I bring to you something completely different. This last December something changed, I felt so tired from work, having no work-life balance and eating take out almost every single day. I felt so unhealthy and guilty with my body. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean I felt "fat", this was something more deep, I felt like I needed a change, and I mean really A CHANGE. So back in December when I was visiting my family I felt this and started to workout at home a little trying to find out what felt good for me. It wasn't until I was back home in January when I started seeing a nutritionist and working out daily. For those of you who don't know me you must know in my whole life I've never worked out more than a week, not even practiced sports, it just wasn't my thing. I hated gyms, I hated the feeling when working out and I've never felt uncomfortable with my body. But this was not only about my body, it was about my mood, my vibes, my soul, my future. 

So anyway, long story short I started working out with the SWEAT Program and it was a game changer. For the very first time I felt engaged and longing to work out, so here is how I did it. 

This is how a no-fitness-girl became an actual fitness girl. 

1) Community: This sounds obvious and maybe most of the workout programs offer a community. You must find the right community that fits your goals in order to keep yourself updated and motivated. Even more when it's your first time. 

2) Fitness Instagram: I believe this one was exactly what worked for me. I read on the community group that some girls recommended to have an instagram just to share your healthy lifestyle. However, I may tell you this is not the secret. The secret to keep myself motivated every single day was to create this fitness account and ONLY follow fitness accounts, you name it: fitness girls, healthy food, healthy everything. (You try it!! GAME CHANGER!) I kept my personal account closed at least for a month so I would keep only looking for healthy stuff until it became my lifestyle. 

3) Discipline: So I have to accept the journey wasn't easy, you will fall off the boat more than a couple times. The secret? Not everyone gets back on the boat! With time I learnt that if I wanted for it to become my lifestyle I couldn't rely on motivation, you must rely on discipline. Even if you don't feel like it, get up and get to the gym!!

4) A goal: You must keep your goals clear, it's a step at a time thing and you must know from the very beginning you need a long-term goal. Goals such as "Bikini Body" to a holiday will work out, at least not as a long-term. My goal was to become healthy and my secondary goal was my body, to get stronger every day!! 

5) Intuitive Eating: I highly recommend this for those of you who find it hard to stick to a diet. I hate diets, I will never follow a diet, I know my body more than anybody else. I'm still learning how and what to eat, but you must listen to your body. This is a no restriction kinda thing and all about portions and knowing when to stop.

It's been a short journey so far, but I can tell you, I feel great and so much ready for more. I used to hate gyms, now I love to open it at 6a.m.!!!

Let me know if any of you have joined the SWEAT program and if you like it!! Also do let me know what other programs you know and recommend!! 

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4 comentarios

  1. I love that one of your goals was to get stronger every day. That is awesome!! I recently started working with a personal trainer and I've overhauled my diet and it's made such a difference. I've always enjoyed working out at home but I feel like things have really been kicked up a notch. Inspirational Instagram accounts can definitely help with motivation.

    1. Having a personal trainer must make things much better!! Hope you're getting the results you're looking forward!!

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