Revlon Crystal Aura Collection Review


I finally got my hands on the new limited edition Spring 2019 Revlon's Makeup Collection and it's got the most interesting pieces. To be honest I'm totally loving the whole find your aura vibe along with holographic finish, they all smell delicious so that's a plus for the collection, but here's a closer look.

Revlon Crystal Aura Lip Glow Gelée ($9.99)
I went for the Crystal Energy shade, it doesn't feel sticky at all so this is my kinda lip glow to go.

Revlon Crystal Aura Glow Lip Oil ($9.99)
What I like about this one it that it feels light on the lips to wear all day long and it adds a subtle pop of color. Of course I had to go for the Good Witch shade just because I love a good pink lip color.


Revlon Liquid Gleam Potion ($12.99)
This comes only in one shade and it's worth the try because of its holographic finish; however, I guess I'll only wear this on a Friday night because I can't wear this at work. 
Revlon Crystal Aura Crystal Lipstick ($9.99)
This was one of my favorites of the collection because of its form and shade, I went for the Prism & Soul shade since I already have tons of pink; however, I have to admit I didn't love it, I prefer a lipstick that hydrates my lip throughout the day, but this one reminded me of those who came on those makeup kids for children, and the worst part it dried out my lips. 
Revlon Crystal Aura Glow Gelée Highlighter ($10.99)
This is my first jelly highlighter so it was completely new for me! It's a playful form which I can stick too forever! Since I already have tons of golden highlighters I went for a pearly one this time. I did recommend this one far more than the liquid one of this collection, but I guess it depends on what you prefer.

Have you tried this collection?

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