AUrate Fine Jewelry


Hello ladies!! I found out about an online store called AUrate New York, all their jewelry is handmade in New York City from ethically sourced materials. Want to know the best part? They support the developing literacy of students in New York, they've given thousands of books to students! 

I saw all of their jewelry and their designs are stunning. I decided to show you some of my favorites!! to be honest, lately I've been obsessed with jewelry, but not just any, I like to look out for local stores where they have the cutest designs at a very fair price!

Not only the products are nice, the site has improved from last year!! It's more chic and so friendly to navigate in, also they ship worldwide so that's totally a plus! It's very hard to find out local stores like this one that are actually able to ship worldwide.

They also have the option of gifting and I believe the packaging is real cute, this looks  like a great bestie's/mother's gift!!

If I have to define in one phrase this brand is: they make gold jewelry actually affordable without sacrificing luxury and design! I can't wait to get what I ordered from their site and as soon as I get it, I'll let you know further details!!

Challenge question!
Which piece of jewelry do you think I chose for myself?

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