It's been a while since I last posted and I've missed it quite terribly. A little update, I moved away from home because I got a job offer in another city, and I've loved it so far. It's been an enterprise I've longed for so many years that I'm truly happy to have the job now. It's just a matter of time.
I have already 9 months in this city, but it's been such a difficult process and one of the things I always hear in order to keep sanity is "balance". That's the first question I always get from my manager if I finally found that balance because this job is sooo time consuming. Since I do home office then you never really know what's the limit.
So today I tried to actually get back at it. I did a haul yesterday and I so wanted to show you guys at least this cute outfit, I got the top and trousers at Zara. Actually for the trousers it's a long story, I saw a girl wearing one of this stylish trousers a few months back, but I though I wouldn't be able to pull them of because I've never felt like I've had a great body(oty). But I've been playing a lot more lately with my style and I tried them on and guess what? I look freaking good! I love them, truly. So I tried a lot of blouses on because I'm so bad at matching, but I kinda wanted something yellow, I guess I was happy and I could feel all these picnic sunny vibes.
This time I'm reaching the blog community for advice! How do you manage to take great pictures of yourselves when you have no one to take you these pictures?

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2 comentarios

  1. Me encanta el look, te ves muy bien. Besos

  2. Congratulations, you have a job you really love. Love this yellow t-shirt, very bright