Should You Invest in Your Blog?


I think this is a question I've made to myself so many times on my journey as a blogger and it's a really important one. Money comes and go, but you have to be smart with it, should you actually invest in blogging? And if the answer's yes, what should you invest in? What will actually be of use for your blog? I decided to share with you guys this because in almost five years of blogging I finally have the answer for soooo many questions I've made to myself. I'll make it simple, here is exactly the reasons why you should invest in your blog.
If you want it to be more than a hobby
I believe this is my number one reason of why I started investing on my blog. If you're truly passionate about it and feel like it's more than just a hobby, if you start taking this as serious as it is then you should totally start investing on your blog. 

If you want to add it to your resumé
The moment I realized I could actually add it on my resumé was when I started to work on PR. You have contacts, you realize there's actually a whole future ahead for your blog and you actually say to yourself "Oh damn, sh*t just got real", it takes time and actual work to start working with companies. 

If you want to earn money out of it
I have to say this NEVER has to be your one and only reason (Notice the "only" on that phrase) to start blogging because if you do so let me tell you: Your blog will fail. It takes so much more to achieve something like this, you need passion for the job, constancy and cleverness; but that's not the point of it. If you truly want to get some profit out of blogging, investing will be essential. As they say money makes money

If you see a future ahead
My final reason would be if you actually want your blog to last. If you intend to have your blog for more than a year. I mean, why should you invest on something that won't last longer? You invest on your blog because you actually think it has a future and you intend to keep it.

If you nodded through this post then you have the answer to yourself, you are ready to invest! Now you have to think exactly what should you invest in, and I promise I'll write for you another post were I'll tell you exactly what should you invest in and why! 

Challenge question!
Would you like me to write more posts like this?

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8 comentarios

  1. This was fantastic! And I'm looking forward to your post about what to invest in. Thank you for this :)

    1. Thank you soo much!! I'm glad you like this and I'll make sure to post it soon 💜

  2. This is such a helpful post! It can be so difficult to decide whether to invest or not, I have decided to invest in mine xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thanks girl!!! I'm so glad you found this helpful! Stay in touch xx

  3. I love this post.

  4. I absolutely agree with you on all of these points! I think too, just by investing in branding and the way your blog functions to make it easy for them to read, shop, or whatever it is you want them to do!

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