Easter Makeup Tutorial


Hello lil' bunnies!! I came back to my hometown for a couple of weeks because I was truly missing life back here and I spent Easter with the fam making some strawberry vanilla milkshakes which I'll show you guys on another post!! (They were so yummy, you can thank me later!)
This weekend I decided I wanted to make a tutorial of my makeup look from Saturday inspired on Easter because it's truly natural and perfect for Spring. I used the PUPACAT palette which is soooo pretty!! Am I the only one obsessed with cats? As the palette says Life is better with a cat
I know I've been posting only videos, but I promise I'll get back to blogging as usual in a couple of days! I have many posts pending since last week, but since I came to spend time with my family I've been quite busy! Anyhoo, please do let me know what do you think of this look, I truly enjoyed this one because it's so natural, and probably one of my favorite looks so far! Hope you're all having an amazing Easter, don't forget to spend enough time with your family these days!

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8 comentarios

  1. That mauve tone! At least, it looks mauve to me, and so pretty!

    I hope you had a good break!

    1. Mauve is the word!! I just couldn't find it so I just wrote purple instead haha I'll definitely correct that on my post ♡ Thanks dear, hope you're having a great week!!

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