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Hello bunnies!! I've waited months to get my hands on this lovely palette, I know it's a little bit too late for a review since there must be tons of them, but I truly wanted to share my experience with you guys. Let's start with presentation, to be honest I've always loved Naked products, they're beautifully arranged and the brush that comes with it is good enough to achieve a good look with only this palette.
Pigmentation is excellent, that's exactly why I decided to get this palette, and colors are just perfect for any occasion: day to night looks can be achieved. You can create as many looks as you can imagine as I try to show you guys in the next pictures. As for the glitter to be honest, it nearly shows if you use the brush, I had to literally use my finger to get the glitter on my look, so that's what I didn't love about this palette. 

The lasting power is incredible, for the first look it lasted me all night long and for the second look it lasted me for about 6 hours until I needed a retouch, but that's because I didn't use a primer and I have oily skin. It does offer a well sized mirror, but to be honest it's a little bit too opaque so I use another one to apply my makeup. 

For the next look I used: Nooner, Darkheart, Trick and Darkside. It's perfect for a night out, with a pale lipstick it doesn't look too heavy. If you're curious, the lipstick is Caramello shade from Stila, I love it because it's soft and it doesn't dry my lips.   

For a lighter look I used shades: Limit, Factory and Dust. Since I came here to Mexico City my lips have been so dry that I usually just use Baby Lips - Cherry Me Lip Balm if I'm just going out with my family, I'm taking good care of my lips because I've had a couple of days that I can't stand my dry lips, it's been a nightmare!    
Honestly, you can't go wrong with any Naked palette, it just depends on which colors do you want to get. As for me, I've always liked some rose-colored neutrals, I feel like it goes with my personality and my skin. My favorite colors of this palette are: Dust, Limit, Nooner and Darkheart!! 

Would I repurchase it? Probably yes, if there's not a new rose palette I want to try at the moment. Please do let me know what do you think of this palette and the review of course, hope it was helpful!

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11 comentarios

  1. Surely, this palette is a must-have! Love reading your posts again, dear Brenda! The naked / nude colored palette looks great on you. Plus, I really think you look lovely in red. I also just saw your recent photos in Instagram.

    Keep in touch dear!

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

    1. Thank you so much sweetie!! That means a lot to me :) Let's stay in touch! ♡

  2. Thanks for sharing this review! You makeup is flawless!

  3. Very lovely eyes! I always wanted to try Naked Palette but I'm too lazy to apply eye shadow. When I have it on, I didn't definitely made it. Often times, it's my makeup artist friend :D


    1. My sister used to do my makeup because I was bad at it, until she got married and I had to force myself to learn how to do my own makeup haha But I totally understand!

  4. I love the looks you created with this palette, I was obsessed with it when I first got it but have since stopped using it. Need to pick it back up again, gorgeous review and post! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Thanks sweetie!! Yes, it's definitely a great palette, you should keep using it, but I totally understand, once you get more palettes you just stop using the old ones!

  5. I don't own any of these palettes but I love the look you created :) xx

  6. I bloody love the Naked 3 palette; it's been my favourite nude platte since it launched! The colours look stunning on you!

    Hayley xo

  7. This looks beautiful on you! I only have Naked 1, I need to use it more!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog