10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Another City in Your 20s


I'm pretty excited to announce that I will move to Mexico City this February 1st officially. Did I hear a yay? Yay! It took me over a month to make this decision and I'm happy with it. To make the final decision I had to look at the pros and cons . At the beginning I was going to share with you guys some home designs I made in Polyvore (which  I personally adore to create when I have some style ideas), but then I thought maybe some of you have asked yourselves if you should take a chance and move to another city and are not sure why, so I'm here to share with you the why you should do it if you're hesitating.
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1. Feel Good with Yourself
I don't know about you, but I've never felt so 'me' than when I get to another place away from my city. I never noticed how comfortable I was with myself until a friend and I were skyping when I was on a summer internship in Québec and he told me "You look so beautiful, I don't know if it's because you're in Canada, but you look more beautiful every single day" and when I told my mom, she told me "well, you're happy", and yes I am! So trust me, you'll get to know yourself better and you'll be so happy with who you are.

2. Independence
We all want this, don't we? Being away from our parents, so we can do whatever we feel like. Independence for me was having ice cream or even a glass of wine for breakfast. By being independent is depending on you. You make your own choices and you need courage for it. It is not that easy to look upon yourself. You wake up, you make your bed, you make your own breakfast and you have to make everything by yourself for the first time. Laundry day is still my less favorite. Ugh! Can't mamma help me out on this one? But hey! At the end of the day you're happy to know that you can finally rely on you.

3. Lifetime Experience
People use to ask me why would I want to move to another city if I have my parents here, I can get a job easily and I have pretty much my life solved here, so why do it? The answer for me always is "for the experience". Our lives are based on experiences and you'll regret everything you don't do at the end, so please just do it! For me, coming from a small city, going to the capital is everything! You can do everything, you never get bored and there's always something new to try.
4. Young and Free
Think about it, no one depends on you so far. It's me myself and I, literally. And for what I've heard if I don't do it now I probably won't do it ever. For when I get to my 30s I'll probably have a fiancé or I'll be already married and thinking about children (Hopefully, right?) It's the best age to just move out and try some place new!
5. Get to Know What's Out There
If you come from a small city as I do you'll understand. And this always reminds me of the "Belle" song when she says "There must be more than this provincial life!" (Disney fan) Yes, yes! There's so much more! Once you've lived outside of your small town you'll never want to come back. So many beautiful places, and different people, open minded and you'll see a whole future in front of your eyes out there.
6. Fresh start
Why fresh start matters? You can finally get rid of those labels. I don't know about you, but here I feel like I can be no longer myself. People change, I've changed and I need to set free. Wether it's our personal lives or work, we sometimes need to close that chapter and start a new one. I hate to be judged and this is a new opportunity to show them who you truly are: A whole new you.
7. Job Opportunities
In my personal experience, this is why I'm truly moving to Mexico City. Sincé I live in a small city there are not many job opportunities, the biggest enterprises and great job opportunities are in the city. My big sister use to tell me "you can't imagine how cool it is to work there, it's a whole new world!" and I'm quite excited to experience it. 
8. Value what you have
So yeah, everything's great the first months, but then you'll miss your parents when it's a holiday and you won't be able to make it home. Or when they tell you funny stories and that "you should've seen it!" Let's face it, sometimes you need mom and dad. And let's not talk about the fridge, don't even get me started, you'll miss your parents' fridge. But hey, you'll be quite happy when you get to see them and that'll be sooner than you expect. We have to move out of our parents' home at some point, don't we?  
9. Move out of your comfort zone
You'll have to do everything by yourself, make your bed, laundry, clean up your appartment, cook your own meals and go to the supermarket when you run out of something. But it gets easier with time and you'll enjoy it at the end. (But not laundry day, I hate laundry day)
10. Make New Friends
Okay, so probably you have tons of friends already, but then if it's not to make more friends (which you will), what about your network? Widen your network, you'll need it with time, and your 20s are great to widen it, the best job opportunities are not promoted on job boards. It's a whole new experience, trust me.

Now I have to be honest, I felt the whole time like I was trying to convince myself to just do it. And yes, I'm more convinced now and excited for this whole new experience. This is going to be great and I have to confess it's going to be easier for me because I'm moving in with one of my sisters and my brother in law. I encourage you to do it if you are hesitating, what if you're wrong? You can always come back to your city, but as we say: Better an oops thaan a what if!   
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