50 Things That Make Me Happy


Let me be honest, this post is going to be too personal so please I ask for your total discretion and non-judgemental opinion (if that even exists). I've always suffer from anxiety and depression and never done anything to overcome it. I have my ups and downs as everyone that shares this feeling and I just wait for that down to pass so I can move on with my life. It's been hard, I've lost friends on the path, I've even come the person I didn't want to be, and let's not talk about the times I made a fool out of me and my nights lost in alcohol.  

It was not until my mum decided to face it and talked to me that we decided it was time to do something about it. It's been a week now that I started my treatment and I feel a little bit better. I understand is a slow process, specially since I have this issue for a while now -years to be honest-.

Anyhow, so I wanted to give this little background so you could understand and appreciate this post as I did. I was cleaning my mail when I noticed I had an unopened mail from DiagonSally, I realized she actually answered! I asked her 4 months ago if I could write a post just like hers because I really loved the activity, it's called 50 Things That Make Me Happy -as you can see- and she let me do it! On the message she told me it's a perfect post for when you're feeling a little down and I couldn't think of a better time to write it than these days that I've decided to change who I am.

1. Stargazing
2. A good book - The Pillars of the Earth is my all time favourite! -
3. Spending time with my family
4. Weekendtrips
5. Flowers - Wanna know a secret? I've never received a bouquet of flowers -
6. A warm cup of tea
7. Sunsets
8. Making others smile
9. A good talk with a stranger
10. Having mom-daughter time 
11. Breakfast dates - Is that still a thing? Cause I'm up for it -
12. Wearing a cute dress
13. Horror movies with mum
14. Traveling
15. Playing video games with my sister
16. Looking up for wedding dresses on the Internet
17. Hiking
18. Singing along in the car
19. Kisses on the forehead
20. Watching TV shows with my parents every single night
21. Dancing like no one's watching
22. Staying in bed on rainy days
23. Selfies
24. Quality time with my sisters
25. Crème Brûlée - my favourite dessert -
26. Changing my look - I don't do it quite often, but I feel good when I do something different to my hair -
27. Blogging
28. Riding with no particular destination
29. Spending quality time with my cats
30. Trying out typical food from other places
31. The sense I get after washing my face
32. Polar bears
33. Post-its
34. Ice cream 
35. Inspirational quotes
36. Pretty notebooks and agendas
37. Snow - I've never seen snow in my entire life, but only the idea of it makes me happy -
38. Nature
39. Incense
40. Wind in my face
41.Working at home watching Netflix
42. A cold coffee on a hot day
43. Sleeping with my blinds halfway open to wake up with natural light each morning
44. Picnincs
45. Knowing that a good deed has been done - Be kind everyday! -
46. Bubble tea!
47. A good wine with some cheese - Missing France -
48. Rescuing an animal - I've helped birds and homeless kittens! -
49. Getting an scholarship or accomplishing a goal
50. Getting the family together! - My sisters no longer live in the same city -       

Woaaah, finally wrote down those 50 things and it actually took me 4 days, can you believe it? Sometimes is the simple things that you don't notice. I know this is not a challenge, but I recommend you to write this kind of posts if you're feeling a little down. It did help me to notice all those little things that make me quite happy. Hope you all had a great weekend!   

Challenge question!
What are the things that make YOU happy? 

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7 comentarios

  1. Honey, this is great. To actually know whT makes you happy is such a nice thing. I dont think i could do this :)


    1. Thanks so much girl, we don't know til we try it! I'm pretty sure anyone can do this if we could just stop and notice all those little details :)

  2. A nice book and ice cream totally make me happy!


  3. I'm glad you're doing better now, hun. <3 Your list of happy things made me smile so much, I too love polar bear, sunsets and a warm cup of tea never fails to cheer me up. :) Thanks for sharing, darling! x


  4. Aw, such a lovely way of getting to know you.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Tuesday & Lots of Love,

  5. It's like you read my thoughts, most of the things on your list are same for me :)

    Come by and say hi at our blog as well!

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