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As some of you may know I've worked with Firmoo before. The first question that everyone has before buying a product specially from an online store is if it's really worth it? Since this was my second product I would be getting from this online store I was quite happy and interested to know if the service and the product were going to be as great as the first time.

To be honest I absolutely adore not only their sunglasses, but the service they offer. For those of you who don't know, Firmoo is one of the most popular online eyeglasses online. I always have trouble finding the right eyeglasses since I need them small to actually fit with my face (I always say I look like a fly with sunglasses). Good news are that Firmoo has the measures of the eyeglasses so you can be certain that they will fit.
I decided to take my sunglasses to Mexico City to show you guys not only the sunglasses but the pyramids, and yes it was a great day! Since I've traveled a lot, one of the questions I get the most is if I've visited Teotihuacan's pyramids, as if being Mexican means you've seen it all in Mexico. Anyhow, back to Firmoo's sunglasses, as for the customer service I was treated quite well from the very beginning by the customer service agents. Most of us just get concerned about the product, but to be honest for me the customer service is everything. When I had a question they answered promptly and even they were concerned if I got my sunglasses on time. 
My first impression of the sunglasses is that they are made out of plastic, lightweight and well-made. I specially love that they are lightweight since I considered it's quite important if you're going to wear it for a long time under the sun. The first sunglasses I ordered where black and classic, but this time I wanted something different and since I love pink I went for them and ordered something more futuristic and modern. The only thing I don't seem to like about them is that I can't seem to clean them with anything other than the cleaning cloth that comes with them, other than that I'm quite happy with my sunglasses.
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