So the other day I was going through some clothing online websites and I remembered Simons since I introduced it to you some months ago, a year almost to be honest. For those who don't know, Simons is a clothing online store that also has some stores in Ontario, Quebec and Vancouver.
I checked out their spring/summer catalogue and it's just amazing, even if it's for women or men they have the coolest clothing as you can see on the pictures. The prints and parents on the clothing are just amazing for summer, they are fresh and clean.
And my favorite outfit of the catalogue is this amazing overexposed flower dress, she just looks stunning! I can definitely picture myself in this dress all summer long. They might not have the best prices compared to other stores, but to be honest they have some green labels and sustainable efforts that make it worth it, the designs are great and the clothing is light and fresh for the summer heat. 
I remember I ran into this store over and over again at the mall when I was in Sherby last summer, and I remember I looked into the store a couple times just window shopping you know wondering about the brand because to be honest I haven't heard about it back then so I checked it over the Internet and I realized it really has a good position in the market and the products are quite good. 
Challenge question!
Which one's your favorite outfit?

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