My Life as an Intern


So today's post is all about professional styles. Since I started applying for internships I realized I needed tons of professional outfits that I didn't have. As an stylish person I looked up for inspiration and I found out that Simons have wonderful office wear. Some of you that have been following my blog may know that I've post about them months ago, I was actually able to shop in Montreal in Simons and I was quite happy about their clothes. Here is some photo inspiration for all of you that have been looking up outfits to wear in the office!

What do you think about these? Simons have been into fashion since 1840, they have been a uniquely different and inspiring fashion retailer. To be honest the store is uniquely designed and I love it! I truly encourage you to visit their stores if you have the chance to do it. Hope you had a wonderful week and please do let me know what do you think about this!! 

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