Hello world! Some of you who have following me on this journey will probably remember about this online store I found out about: CocoMelody. This e-commerce platform has been for over 15 years an expert dress-maker in bridal profession. Since I am from Mexico, I have suffered from online shopping because sometimes they do not deliver to some places; however, they have worldwide shipping! How cool is that? My sister is about to get married this year, so we have been quite excited looking up for wedding and bridesmaid dresses. We have been looking out for some backless Wedding Dresses since they look gorgeous on every bride. Here are some pictures from an open back wedding dress that we found out on CocoMelody that you may like as well. 
What do you think about them? To be honest, we just kept falling in love with every single dress that we found if you are about to get married (or even if you are not!) you should totally take a look to this page! We also found out this beautiful details on every dress that we are so into! 
Isn't this adorable? Who doesn't want to get married now!!? As if this was not enough they have a sale campaign! You can get $25 off from wedding dresses $200+ by using the code shown below! Do let me know which ones do you love the most. You have until February 29th, enough time to take a look to the store and choose you favourite!!

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  1. Wow gorgeous dresses!

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