October Instagram!


A little bit late guys, but here's my October Instagram!! Hope you all had a fantastic month and you are all having a better one this November, aren't you all excited that Christmas is coming? I must accept I'm a little bit overwhelmed because I won't be spending this Christmas with my family, which is kinda strange since I'm on the other side of the world. I truly hope to see them soon, I already miss my family and it's been only about 6 months that I'm away from home!! Crazy, right? I guess time flies by when you're having fun! But still, I can't wait to get back home! Oh and as for Halloween, did you all had a good time as well? What did you guys dressed up for? I was a vampire and a cat!! It was quite fun since I'm in France and I got to see all my French friends after a year!! Hope you're all having a great November, and remember my Instagram account is brendaabc, can't wait to have you there!

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