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How's everyones fall going so far? Have you started to use your autumn outfits already? This weekend I found out about MaryJane Fashion which is an online store that offers celebrity and trend led fast fashion who strive to offer customers the best possible price value an all the latest styles and looks. This Fashion wholesale based in Manchester seeks to stock the latest fashion quickly and prides itself on the vast and extensive collections of fashion.   
Since I came to France I've noticed the different styles they use here because of the cold weather (where I live is always hot) and I just love to use different sweaters and coats with my outfits. I've been trying to find a sweater like the one above because it makes the outfit looks more fancy and works perfect at night!   
I truly love this dress inspired by Lucy Mecklenburgh because it looks so fancy and simple! I love the fact that the one that they offer is too similar to the one she used and not only that, but they also offer it at a fair price! 

Oh and for those who love Halloween, the store already has some Halloween outfits that you can get for October!! It also offers a wide range of fancy coats that may keep you warm this winter!

This store differentiates from others by offering celebrities outfits on fair prices, like the examples I show you they have many more and all of them are close to the ones they used, quite similar! You should totally take a look at their site if you haven't done so and let me know what you guys think! 

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  1. in love with black dress
    keep in touch

    1. I truly love the waist details of the black dress!! It's simple but that makes it look more fancy (: Love your blogs, let's keep in touch!

  2. me encanta el vestido sexyyyy