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As I told you about a week ago I'm truly excited about my parents renewing their votes because of their 25 years married already. I was showing my mom some ideas for her wedding dress for such an special occasion and I came across this website called CocoMelody. For over 15 years, CocoMelody has been an expert dress-maker in bridal profession.
CocoMelody offers different styles of wedding dresses, from beach wedding dresses to destination wedding dresses. They are all unique and beautiful! Here I show you some of what I found on their site but truly you can find a lot of different designs and I'm pretty sure you can find one just for you! I don't know about you girls, but I can spend hours looking different wedding dresses even if I will not wear one soon!
Oh as if the cute dresses weren't enough by a fair price, CocoMelody has a sale now going on on their website that you can get up to $60 off $400, which is a great opportunity to get that special occasion dress! I truly suggest that you should take a look at their site to see all the deals they have! Let me know what you think of it on the comments!

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