Preppy Chic


About a month ago Rosegal contacted me, which is an online retailer I didn't know about. For the ones that have been following my blog for a while now you must know how much I love online stores because most of them have very fair prices and I just love to be able to shop from home. So this beautiful preppy chic dress came to my mail a couple weeks ago, which I am loving! All my friends have told me how much they love it on me, it's comfortable and chic at the same time which is something I will take for sure! I must say I am excited to take this lovely dress to France and wear it all autumn and winter, it's just perfect for any season and it truly makes me so happy to add a gorgeous dress to my closet!
I took these pictures back in Sherby by the pond at Université de Sherbrooke on my last day there so this was pretty special to me, the day was perfect for the pictures and the sky reflected on the pond beautifully. Hope you like the dress as much as I did, and if you do, you should totally take a look at Rosegal, trust me, they have beautiful designs at very fair prices, and not only that, they also have free shipping worldwide!

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  1. love the classic print with a red lip! and what a pretty location your at too!