Last Show Before We Go


Hey guys, as I said I was going to keep updating the posts I lost with the hacking! This is one of the photo shoots I enjoyed having with a friend, one of the best young photographers from my city, Daniela Cervantes, she's really good with it! Since I am missing the beach and sun I thought about posting this one, here in Sherbrooke we may get some sun, but we don't have a pretty beach to go to. Anyway, I am truly enjoying my internship here so far, is it silly to feel I may make a change? I am already thinking about doing a master here in Canada, I may get some help with that with this program, things could not go better for me! 
 Hope you all had a fabulous week and wishing you the best this weekend!

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3 comentarios

  1. Great photos, seems like you had fun, I'm missing the beach too <3

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  2. Very lovely pictures and especially like the last one with the scarf! Great looks for summer!