martes, 28 de junio de 2016


So the other day I was going through some clothing online websites and I remembered Simons since I introduced it to you some months ago, a year almost to be honest. For those who don't know, Simons is a clothing online store that also has some stores in Ontario, Quebec and Vancouver.
I checked out their spring/summer catalogue and it's just amazing, even if it's for women or men they have the coolest clothing as you can see on the pictures. The prints and parents on the clothing are just amazing for summer, they are fresh and clean.
And my favorite outfit of the catalogue is this amazing overexposed flower dress, she just looks stunning! I can definitely picture myself in this dress all summer long. They might not have the best prices compared to other stores, but to be honest they have some green labels and sustainable efforts that make it worth it, the designs are great and the clothing is light and fresh for the summer heat. 
I remember I ran into this store over and over again at the mall when I was in Sherby last summer, and I remember I looked into the store a couple times just window shopping you know wondering about the brand because to be honest I haven't heard about it back then so I checked it over the Internet and I realized it really has a good position in the market and the products are quite good. 
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domingo, 19 de junio de 2016

An Advice From a 21 year-old Girl

I'm a month away from turning 22 and to be honest I'm not excited at all. Time just passes by and I feel like it's slipping through my fingers. Call me lame, but I've never been a fan of my birthday. After spending my Saturday in and complaining a little that I didn't hang out with my friends as I used to, I realized that tonight was great. With time you realize those nights you stay in with your family just watching a movie together, having dinner or even just talking all night long are priceless. Those are the nights you'll miss when in the future

You might read this, laugh and say: "poor 21 y-old girl, you know nothing". But oh well, isn't this the reason why we have endless platforms to express our feelings to the whole wide world without being judged? You might disagree with this or you might think "I feel ya", but no matter what your reaction will be I hope this helps you to rethink certain things. To you all I can say is:     

- Travel, travel a lot, explore the world and learn about other cultures, understand the differences and always take all the good stuff from each place you visit. Embrace life and every single second of it, it's amazing that you've made it so far and you have a bright future ahead.  

- Laugh as much as you can, forget those nights you cried on your own quietly so your parents wouldn't notice. With time you'll realize that was nothing, there's so much more than just that. Let yourself enjoy more and suffer less. Stop wasting your tears on matters that aren't just worth it and keep them for real tragedies and even if you cry (nothing wrong with that) get up. You're allowed to cry, but you're not allowed to give up. 

- Be kind to every single person, be humble and learn about life, about today, about the world. There are so many things going on around the world and being aware of these events gives you an idea of what the world needs. Trust me, this world needs more honest, humble, kind people (if that term even exists).

- Fall in love, and I mean it, fall in love every single day with your family and learn to love your friends because they are the ones that will support you when you most need it. But more importantly, love yourself, stop depending on the others, they will not make you happy, you create your own happiness. And stop watching those stupid romance movies, trust me they just create false hopes. And it's not that I'm a grumpy single lady, but when you find the one you'll know it and even if it's not that fairy tale you always expected you'll love every second by his/her side.  

- Get to know as many people as you can and take the time to listen to them, learn what they like, where they come from and even if you don't become best friends they'll be your future contacts, create your own network because you will stop depending on your parents'.  
But overall, learn as much as you can, work hard to do so. And I'm not only talking about school, you will not learn much there, get out of your bed, read, work, get an internship and even if they don't pay you ($$) the experience is priceless. Question everything, it's your time to pop that bubble you live in and get to know about anything really, find that passion of yours. Because for at least 35 years you will work and it rather make you the happiest person on Earth because you'll spend about 40 hours a week, which is a lot if you think about it. Not to mention the extra hours that they don't mention on the interview.

If you actually read until the end of this post, congrats! Sometimes it's hard to read such a long post and I get it, hopefully these tips will help you or at least will give you another point of view. Smile and have a great week!! 

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sábado, 4 de junio de 2016

Styling Firmoo

As some of you may know I've worked with Firmoo before. The first question that everyone has before buying a product specially from an online store is if it's really worth it? Since this was my second product I would be getting from this online store I was quite happy and interested to know if the service and the product were going to be as great as the first time.

To be honest I absolutely adore not only their sunglasses, but the service they offer. For those of you who don't know, Firmoo is one of the most popular online eyeglasses online. I always have trouble finding the right eyeglasses since I need them small to actually fit with my face (I always say I look like a fly with sunglasses). Good news are that Firmoo has the measures of the eyeglasses so you can be certain that they will fit.
I decided to take my sunglasses to Mexico City to show you guys not only the sunglasses but the pyramids, and yes it was a great day! Since I've traveled a lot, one of the questions I get the most is if I've visited Teotihuacan's pyramids, as if being Mexican means you've seen it all in Mexico. Anyhow, back to Firmoo's sunglasses, as for the customer service I was treated quite well from the very beginning by the customer service agents. Most of us just get concerned about the product, but to be honest for me the customer service is everything. When I had a question they answered promptly and even they were concerned if I got my sunglasses on time. 
My first impression of the sunglasses is that they are made out of plastic, lightweight and well-made. I specially love that they are lightweight since I considered it's quite important if you're going to wear it for a long time under the sun. The first sunglasses I ordered where black and classic, but this time I wanted something different and since I love pink I went for them and ordered something more futuristic and modern. The only thing I don't seem to like about them is that I can't seem to clean them with anything other than the cleaning cloth that comes with them, other than that I'm quite happy with my sunglasses.
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