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Hello bunnies! I'm teaming up again with a wonderful online store that offers gorgeous, affordable dresses. I don't know if any of you have met the online store Cocomelody, to be honest it's one of my favorite online stores for wedding dresses because they have a personalized customization for the chance to have unique designer wedding dresses. Best part of it is they do not only have wedding dresses, but they also have long evening dresses, and even prom dresses. I share here some of my favorite designs I found on their site!
To be honest we all have special occasions, such as weddings, dinners and other special events coming all year long, so long evening dresses are always welcome. Best part of Cocomelody is how affordable and gorgeous they are and best quality products are insured!

What do you think about them? To be honest I love how beautiful and unique they're designed. For over 15 years the company has been an expert producing wedding dresses, nowadays they have expanded their products and they offer more than wedding dresses

My graduation is this December and I've spent a lot of time looking up for the right prom dress, I've got some inspiration from this site! Also for free shipping on special occasion dresses they're offering free shipping on $150+! Oh and they have a campaign going on! So be sure to check it out before the 29th!! Be sure to check it out, they sure have a perfect match just for you!

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lunes, 11 de abril de 2016

11 Job Interview Tips

Hello bunnies! It's been a while since I last posted on my blog (5 days really, but it feels like forever!) To be honest, the other day I was wondering how long will I continue doing this, and by this I mean blogging, particularly about fashion. But then I realized there is so much more and your blog has to grow with you, since I started applying for internships these last months I decided to write some interview tips. 

To be honest interviews are so much fun, I've always thought that an interview is not a test, but just a way for the company to get to know your profile and skills, but also for them to convince you that this job is the one you want. So there is no need to be nervous at all! Also, my eldest sister works in human resources and she's the one that gets to make all those interviews, so her experience has always been great to me

First of all, think of a job interview as a first date where first impressions do count, but you're there just to get to know the other person as well as the other person is there to get to know you. Here are 11 job interview tips! 

1. Get to know the company's values, mission and history: To be honest I found out that it is quite important to know the values and profile of the workers of the company you're willing to work with because you have to stay true to yourself, and I'm pretty sure we all feel more satisfied if we work on a company that runs according to our own values and way of living. 

2. Get to know your weaknesses: So far I've been into five internships and on three of them the question "What's your weakness?" has popped up, for this my sister's advice has always been to name those weaknesses that suits the company, for example, for a company that you know is about working hard to achieve a goal then a great weakness to name would be that you are ambitious or that you demand a lot to yourself.

3. Sleep tight: Honestly I do not recommend to have a long night before the day of the interview, you need to be awake and fully aware when you get to it, specially if you are a nervous person. You can go out for dinner or bowling or whatever you want that does not involve a long night out or drinking til late. Otherwise, you'll feel pretty tired the day of the interview and trust me, you won't be able to think straight when you get to those analytical questions that sometimes you'll get. 

4. Do whatever makes you happy: If you feel like having some ice cream a day before then go for it! I've found out that making my days wonderful the week of the interview helps me through the process, that way you get distracted and feel more comfortable with yourself, remember you have to be on a great mood! First impressions DO count here! 

5. Think aloud!: Okay, this tip is for analytical questions. Trust me, they do not want to know if you know the right answer, they just want to know how you reason, but if you stay quiet and just say the answer then it will not really let them realize how you truly reason, so next time the question "how many churches are in your city?", share your calculations and assumptions rather than just blurt out the answer.

6. Wear something comfortable: Try to wear something that goes according to your personality, but try navy or black, personally I do not recommend strong colors for a serious company. Also, if you're a big fan of skirts I would try to avoid short skirts, please do wear something discreet.

7. Be the best version of you: Some people pretend to be someone else just because they want to make a good impression; however, you have to trust yourself, you are unique and all they want to know is if your profile goes along with the company. Is not that you are not good for the job, but sometimes the profile does not fit the job and it's better to find that job that goes along with who you are! If they see how confident you are with yourself, trust me, that will help! 

8. Make good impressions: By this I mean to everyone you encounter. I once heard a story of a man that was running late to a job interview and on his way to the office he pushed a man on the subway, when he got to the job interview it turned out that the interviewer was that man he passed by. So try to be nice to everyone you pass by on your way to the interview! Also, when you get to the office I usually smile to everyone and a "Good morning" is always welcome.

9. Body language: Remember body language is everything! Try to move a little your hands while you speak, if you have a chair with wheels avoid swinging too much, smile and make eye contact. While listening to the interviewer show interest, a solid posture and nod. Also, avoid playing with a pen, touching your face or hair or even chewing gum.

10. Show interest: The other day I was making a job interview simulation to help out my sister with her work and one of her comments was that I wasn't really showing interest on the job. Wooah, quite simple but I've never thought of it! You need to let the company know that you're interested in the job and the company. On my last job interview one of the interviewers was impressed of all I knew about the company when I said why I wanted to work there, because he realized that I was truly interested about working there not because I wanted money, but because I truly like the company itself and I want that kind of profile. 

11. Arrive on time: Last but not least, you must arrive on time. I'm not really known for punctuality, but I'm always on time when I have a job interview or something as important as getting right on time to your job. You're not in school anymore, there's not a 5 min tolerance and you need to take this seriously. (Damn, is just like I'm talking to myself...)

So this is it, bunnies! I know the post is a little bit longer than what it usually is, but it was necessary. I truly enjoyed sharing all these tips with you and hope you found them useful. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to let me know!
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miércoles, 6 de abril de 2016

Into the Woods

Photographer: Nolberto Gómez
Vest: Zara 
Blouse: Bershka
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Nine West
Watch: Guess Watches

Morning bunnies!! This is one of my favorite outfits from Winter because it's really comfortable and to be quite honest this is the first vest I have ever had, I found it on the girls section in Zara, but since it fitted me and I loved how it looked I decided to keep it! I know I'm a little to late since we're in Spring now, which is driving me crazy!! It's so hot and it's not Summer yet! I totally prefer cold weather, but I will not complain unless I go swimming with this hot weather!!I just wanted to show you guys this photo shoot since I'm looking forward to have another one with this man that you see here, I truly appreciate his work!

Hola chicos!! Este es uno de mis outfits favoritos del invierno porque es muy cómofo y para ser honesta es el primer chaleco que he tenido, lo encontré en la sección de niñas de Zara, curioso, no? Sé que es algo tarde ya que estamos en primavera pero el calor realmente me está molestando, aún no es verano y ya hace demasiado calor!! No sé ustedes pero yo prefiero el frío! Solo quería enseñarles esta sesión de fotos ya que muy pronto me estará haciendo otra y realmente me gusta su trabajo!

Probably I haven't show you guys who is the photographer that has took all those amazing pictures of me lately, but here it is finally, one of the best photographers I know from my city, can't wait for our next photo-shoot! Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Probablemente nunca les he mostrado al fotógrafo que toma muchas de mis fotos maravillosas, pero aquí está finalmente el hombre detrás de la cámara, es uno de los mejores que conozco de mi ciudad, no puedo esperar para nuestra siguiente sesión! Espero todos tengan una muy buena semana! 

lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

March Instagram!

Hello, bunnies! Quick recap from March and I must say it's been freaking awesome so far this year! I'm quite happy with everything I've been through these past three-months, 2016 has turned up to be quite wonderful! From working hard on my personal project (which I will talk about it in some months, I'm quite excited to announce it!) to spending as much time with my family and even having some 'me' time which I think is quite important! To be honest, I have managed my time enough to balance everything so far that I'm really happy and can't wait to keep achieving more! So here is a quick feedback from my Instagram this past month, if you're not following me yet, you're pretty much welcome to do so! My account is @brendaabc!
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Spring is in the Air ❀

Hello, loves! It's finally April and I couldn't be more excited about it, it does not only mean that school is almost over, but that my internship is almost coming to an end! To be honest this internship hasn't been exactly what I expected, but I'm excited to start with a new one. Also, I'm quite excited since a friend is coming to visit this month, can't wait to show her around, I'm pretty sure she's going to love the city!

The other day I wanted to create some different outfits from what I usually wear and decided that the fastest and cheapest way to do it was through Polyvore! I'm quite happy to the outfits I created and I would love to get my hands on them if I could. My inspiration this time was the color of the year, some rose and light clothing since it's April, what do you think about them?

Spring Formal

Garden party


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